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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 7, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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she won. 181 wings in just 12 minutes to take the title at the buffalo wing festival this weekend. there is our buddy, joey chestnut. he is the one that wins the natsz an hot dog eating contest effie we are. sonya set a world record. beat out joey chestnut. she has records for cheesecake, oysters, which i may bible to do, raw oysters, hard boiled eggs. i don't know how she gets dose down. jalapeno pepper. >> that sounds like a recipe for disaster. >> it is a recipe for money for her. >> if you want to talk about kiran and what she can eat, continue this conversation at our blog. she will be there all morning. >> don't tell elizabeth cohen, whatever you do. >> yeah. really. >> right now we are going to check in with jim acosta, cnn newsroom. starts now. hey, jim. >> you bet, you bet.
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>> there's no silver bullet. there's no quick quick for these problems. i knew by the time i was sworn in, i knew it would take time to reverse the damage of a decade worth of policies that saw too few people be able to climb into the middle class, too many people falling behind. we all knew this. we all knew that it would take
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more time than any of us want to dig ourselves out of this hole, created by this economic crisis. >> reporter: absolutely, jim. you know, speaking to different audiences as well. you saw there in milwaukee, labor day crowd, union folks, he was trying to rally the democratic base. get them enthusiastic about this midterm election. so far we have seen a lot more energy and enthusiasm on the republican side. on the other hand, you have republican and independent voters who have expressed a lot of concern about all of the federal spending here in washington. as you add up that tab, to $350 billion, in new programs, bottom line is that there's not going to be a second stimulus plan. they know that's fraught with all kinds of political danger. number one.
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people concerned about spending. number two, the fact that the first stimulus is a political dirty word now. very controversial. republicans have said it didn't work. democrats say it worked. maybe not as quickly as some wanted. bottom line, they don't want to call eight second stimulus. when you add that up to $350 billion, that's nearly half of the first stimulus. you are talking about real money. not as much as the first one. whether you call it a stimulus or not, it is a whole lot of money aimed at trying to stimulate the economy, jim.
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they are not going to receive that too well. you are right. he is recently departed. only been gone a month as one of the president's principal economic adviser. we need to point out that -- bottom line, in fairness, we need to point out that he also says that in this op-ed all the bush tax cuts should go away, 2013. not something republicans want to see. so there's bad news for republicans in this op-ed but a shot across the billion on the, this president, and this white house where peter orszag, former budget director, saying extend all the bush tax cuts in first term. even the tax cuts for the rich. something this white house has not wanted to do. jim, back to you. i guess we will have a break and after the break we will have more newsroom.
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so, what you're saying is, it gets even better with age. oh! tell me we're still talking about insurance. rewarding loyalty. now, that's progressive. call or click today. all right. take two. our audio is working. we are going to get right back to newsroom here. we are counting down to the midterm election which is are eight weeks from today. there's a tough economy. many americans will be voting with their wallets.
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here is how they view some of today's top pocketbook issues. when asked which party can do a better job with the economy, the public is split. 46% say the republicans, 43% say democrats. we saw the -- almost identical breakdown when the topic turned to taxes. 46% of those polled republicans and 43% for the democrats. and the split is more closely divided on health care. democrats are viewed as the better option by 46% of those polled. 45% choose the economy. the economy is a big topic in ohio, critical race important the 2008 race. and both parties recognize how important this state is in the midterm elections and beyond. cnn's t.j. holmes is in the capital of that state, columbus. he's traveling with the cnn election express. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning to you, jim. you said it. talk about how important ohio is. this should let you know how important ohio is. the president tomorrow is making his tenth trip to this state as
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president. he is racking up frequent flyer miles here. clearly he likes this state. he likes the people of this state. it is an important state. they are viewing the president and his policies and the stimulus right now with a bit of skepticism and they have reason to be a bit skeptical. jim, it was right here that the president's first trip to ohio as president came here to columbus to top his stimulus plan saying that look at these 25 police officers. there was a ceremony and graduating from the academy. they would have to be laid off until the stimulus was passed. they got stimulus dollars. they were able to stay on the job. a lot of people will remember that story. that was back in march of '09. when the unemployment rate here was 9.4%. the very next month, 9.7%. next month, it was 10.2%. 10.8%. 11.1%. 11.2%. the president first came here and talked about stimulus and how it was going to help and immediately the unemployment rate went up. here in this state 10.3%.
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do they believe that the stimulus is working? are they willing to give the president another chance? listen. >> just think ohio is a state that people look at because it has huge mix in one state. >> i now hate politics. >> you are going to talk to different people and everyone will have different thoughts. >> it is hard for me to figure out because i knew up in a very republican family. >> too much polarity. >> sarah palin is not someone i want to be represented by. >> i stopped following because it is a load of crap. >> starting to see republican candidates come out ahead. you know, strong candidates. i think that we are going have a good run for it in november. >> jobs need to be brought back to america. see that part. i don't see anything now. got a nice hat that says, you know, my boss is jesus. look inside and look at the label and says made in china. okay. where is made in the usa at? >> reporter: you know that is --
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such a good point to end on there with that gentleman. talk about made in the usa. that's a -- this is a state that knows this all so well. 400,000 manufacturing jobs just gone over the past decade. we are talking about jobs that aren't going to come back. not just layoffs. we are talking about jobs that literally went away. this state expecting to hear from the president again tomorrow. another possible package of ideas that can help out. but for the folks here, jim, they have heard it all before. they are not feeling it just yet. >> i guess i just wanted to ask you, mine, what do people think when they hear the president coming out with these new proposals. are they giving them a chance here to sell these proposals? is it just one of things they are like hey, we heard this before. >> reporter: you know, hospitable people, they will always welcome the president. no matter what the president says now, it really is. they have a history with this president. he's been here now for a tenth time. again, i go back to last march. that is -- as soon as the stimulus was passed, this is the
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first stop he made in columbus to say look at what this is going to do for you. look at these jobs. it has saved and it is going to continue to do the same for you and immediately after he left, the employment rate went up almost two percentage points over the next several months. they are willing to listen and certainly want to hear from the president and hear how he will help. they heard it before, quite frankly. you can't blame them for that. >> all right. t.j. holmes with the cnn election express. thanks, t.j. good to see new columbus. john king, we should point out, he is hitting the road and visiting three key states in the midterm elections. it is a road trip, political style. pennsylvania, kentucky, ohio. it is going to be on john king usa. election road trip tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. we will be back in just a moment.
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already. take a look at this. tropical storm hermine is wreaking havoc on southeast texas. these pictures are coming in from galveston and made landfall 12 hours ago. it is probably going to drift northward today and dump up to eight inches of rain on texas and parts of oklahoma. some spots could get a foot of rain and tornadoes are a possible bill as well. other states like arkansas and missouri and kansas should feel hermine as well. check in with rob marciano and severe weather center and rob, i feel like i just stole your thunder there, no pun intended. >> we will dig in more than that. thank you. the highlights here. that's it. you are right. i can toss it right back to you. tropical storm hermine, 45-mile-an-hour winds. right now.
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you know, this is just bubbled up late sunday night. tropical storm quickly yesterday and made landfall just south of the texas/mexican border late yesterday afternoon. this is the time of year where things -- it is dangerous time of year. we are into prime time. we are going to peak here in next few days as far as hurricane season goes. and things can pop up like this in the gulf of mexico. just like that. all right. texas has been getting hammered the past couple of hours. winds gusting at 30 miles per hour. even more than that in some spots. corpus christi in the brunt of it. with that, comes some wind. as far as where the center of this thing is about 50 miles west-northwest of corpus chri i christi. all this moisture is going to stream in that way. and with the tornado watch in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. everybody to the right side of the storm is -- they are going to see most of the threat for that. usually smaller tornadoes. fun the last, still dangerous.
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could see five inches of rain. as jim pointed out as much as a foot in some spots. towards parts of oklahoma and maybe even to parts of arkansas. where we need this rain is where it is serious fire happening west of boulder and rugged terrain there in the rocky mountains. there is a fire, red flag warning posted points east of 25 and to the high country or high prairie there east of denver. not going to be all that great for firefighting in boulder. and points west there. that's the track there. a threat of parts of nevada. yesterday was really cool across parts of southern california. and relatively cool across the east coast. we will start to see the heat build back in for places like atlanta and all the way up through new york city. that's the latest on hermine. back to you, jim. >> all right, rob. we will keep an eye on texas because any time you get that much rain, even from a tropical storm, that part of that state, they can cause a lot of flash flooding and lot of problems.
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>> doesn't take long. you are right about that. >> yeah. thanks, rob. appreciate it. this weekend, the end of ramadan coincide was the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. along with the controversies surrounding a proposed islamic center near ground zero. cnn's mary snow tells us how muslims are trying to avoid any more backlash. >> reporter: afternoon prayers at the islamic center of long island. as ramadan draws to a close later this week, these worshipers are being advised to tone down what's usually a celebratory occasion. >> after 30 days of fasting, this is the month that's ended. >> reporter: how will it be different this year? >> this year, a little different. we are not celebrating the way we normally do because of 9/11. >> reporter: the end of ramadan or eve, defending the moon thursday night, falls on either friday or saturday which is september 11th. many muslim decided to mark it on friday.
9:20 am
iman is the head of the islamic leadership council in new york, umbrella group of muslim organizations. >> people look at the eve as protest against people who may be celebrating. >> reporter: one muslim group celebrates at six flags parks. this year organizers have been careful not to schedule their events for september 11th. it comes against the backdrop over aingeber the proposed islamic center near ground zero and protests at other mosques around the country. muslims there trying to send out their own message like the public service announcement. >> i don't want to take over this country. >> reporter: muslim lead their works with an interfaith youth group in chicago says he feels the attitude towards muslim this year is unlike any other. >> frankly, i have not felt this fearful. a mother came up to me at my muslim house of worship earlier this week and said to me eboo, when will my 8 and 10-year-old sons stop being bullied on the playground because of their
9:21 am
names? what i said to her is very soon. very soon. because the forces of inclusion in america have always defeated the forces of intolerance. and they will defeat the forces of intolerance again. >> reporter: this 9/11, this months income westbury, new york, will dedicate a peace garden with other clergy. it is also asked local police for protection following suspicious incident of broken windows at the mosque. his group decided not to hold a counterprotest saturday supporting the islamic center near ground zero after the families of 9/11 victims requested that they not hold the rally. >> people to be calm and patient and be family strong. to reach out, you know. >> reporter: this islamic center for one is opening its doors to hold open house was the aim of promoting understanding. >> mary snow joins us live in new york. mary, as you were giving that report there, we just noticed
9:22 am
crossing our cnn wire service a few moments ago that aman, the religious leader of that proposed islamic center, has returned from his outreach trip overseas and plans to make some public statements on this controversial project down in lower manhattan. that's a very interesting development because we haven't heard a whole lot from him to this point. >> that's absolutely right. the governor of new york yesterday had also asked for moratorium on the debate over this proposed islamic center this week because of the anniversary of september 11th on saturday. but as you said, this is interesting developments. we will be hearing from him later this week. >> there's a meeting that's going to be taking place in washington later today and interfaith meeting on some of this. what do they hope to accomplish at that meeting? >> they are saying that because of the fear that has sparked in
9:23 am
this debate about the islamic center, near ground zero, that has been proposed and also now the florida church that's saying that it plans to burn korans on saturday, there is this growing sense of fear and they are meeting with other clergy members from other faiths and hoping to address this and take a stand. we have also heard from some of those groups this morning that they also plan to meet with the attorney generic holder later this afternoon to address this atmosphere and say of bigotry and hate crimes across the nation. >> mary snow in new york. thanks for that update. appreciate it. later this morning, we will get an update on the rebuilding effort at the world trade center site. the planned memorial is set to open next year on the tenth anniversary of the attacks. the pastor of a church in florida will mark the 9/11 anniversary by burning copies of the koran. he says it is not about hate. we will let him explain and show you some of the world reaction coming up.
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checking stock top stories. president obama is pushing $350 billion package of tax cuts for businesses. three proposals would allow 100% write-off of new investments and plans and equipment permanently extending the credit and research and development and train structure spending. fast moving wildfire also, we should tell you about, boulder, colorado, forced the evacuation of a thousand homes and shut down schools for the day. after winds died down air tankers will join the fight this morning. and former jetblue flight attendant steven slater goes to court today. slater faces charges connected to his last day on the job. cursing out passenger and exiting the plane on the
9:26 am
emergency evacuation chute. as we have been talking about all morning, all important midterm elections, eight weeks away. close enough for some to so some possible clues. our guest will gaze into his crystal ball and predict the winners and losers. that's coming up. new line of fresh recipes. like chicken teriyaki with water chestnuts. it steams to perfection in minutes, giving the fresh flavors and textures of a homemade meal. marie's new steamed meals. it's time to savor.
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turning to wall street it has been a volatile summer on the markets. market did rally last week. sending the dow up nearly 3%. felicia taylor is at the new york stock exchange with a look at what that means for trade thing week. how is it looking down there? >> the opening bell will be in a couple of minutes. you would think a strong rally one week would mean investors get nervous the next week and wouldn't be unusual to see. wall street still doesn't have
9:30 am
that much confidence that we are in a strong economic recovery. the last week we did have a better than expected jobs report and a surprise rebound in manufacturing activity. so for the market rally to continue, we really need to see more good economic moves. but this week we don't have that much data. as you know, it is a holiday shortened week and that usually means that we are going to have a little bit of choppiness. investors are convinced that we have also avert ad double-dip recession. that would be the main concern. and, of course, we have this stimulus package coming from the white house, we will be hearing more about that and that's a major issue for wall street this week. at the open right now, the dow industrials are down just slightly. the nasdaq composite just has not opened yet but the s&p is also off fractionally. one good bit of news oregoncle shares are up 7%. the software company hired former hp ceo mark hurd.
9:31 am
he stepped down under pressure last month amid charges of personal misconduct. once again the market pretty much is down across the board. off just a quarter of 1%. just fractionally. >> already. thanks. appreciate it. a church protest is becoming a huge worry for the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan to commemorate the 9/11 attacks. the dove world outreach center in gainesville, florida, plans to burn copies of the koran. petraeus says that protest could endanger troops in the overall effort in afghanistan. he says that it is precisely the kind of action that the taliban uses and could cause significant problems not just here but everywhere in the world where the u.s. is engaged with islamic community. petraeus' prediction may be coming true. hundreds protested in kabul yesterday for the plans. pastor jones the man behind the koran burning protest, appeared
9:32 am
on 'american morning" with kiran chetry. he said hate did not generate the protest but calls it a warning to radical muslim ideology. >> you don't really care if you are offending muslims by burning the koran, right, it doesn't bother you if they are offended? >> we realize we are definitely off ending them. >> i want to ask you this -- >> we have to think -- >> i just want to ask you about this. does it bother you that the military and the military leaders believe that by doing this, you are very likely putting the risk -- the lives of u.s. soldiers at risk in muslim countries? david petraeus, the general, this is what he said. their actions will jeopardize the safety of young men and women who are serving in uniform over here and also undermine the mission they are trying to accomplish. are you willing to have the blood of soldiers on your hands by this demonstration? >> we are actually very, very
9:33 am
concerned, of course. and we are taking the general's words very serious. we are continuing to pray about the action on september 11th. we are very concerned about it. we don't know -- mine, how long do we back down? >> so you are saying you very -- you might well not say with that? you are praying about it, you may not burn the koran on september 11th? >> i'm saying that we are definitely praying about it. we have firmly made up our mind but at the same time we are definitely -- we are definitely praying about it. like i said, mine, how long -- when does america stand for truth? i mean, instead of us being blamed for what other people will do or might do, why don't sweend a warning to them? why don't we send a warning to radical islam and say don't do it? >> stuff questions there from kiran chetry. if pastor jones represents one side a group offer and faith leaders hopes to draw attention the other, the group will meet
9:34 am
in washington today to address what it calls a growing tide of fear and intolerance against muslims. it started with the community outreach over plans to build that muslim community center and mosque near ground zero. it will now have to deal with plans with the plans to burn the koran. the group will also issue a declaration saying clergy members have a moral obligation to end hatred and misunderstanding. the all important midterm elections eight weeks away. close enough for some to see some possible clues. our guest will gaze into his crystal ball and i'm gazing into his crystal ball to go over these predictions of winners and losers. that's coming up in just a few moments. this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do.
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now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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checking top stories. president obama is pushing a $350 billion package of tax cuts for businesses. the proposals would allow a 100% write-off of investments and plans for equipment to extend credit for veer much and
9:37 am
development and infrastructure spending. in an interview, van der sloot tried to extort money from natalee holloway's family for money. the police arrested him twice in connection with holloway's disappearance but never charged him. tropical storm hermine came ashore in south texas earlier today. forecasters say the storm will weaken but heavy rains will pose a flood threat to parts of texas. and we have been talking about this all morning. eight weeks from today, set your calend calenders. mark your calendars. president obama is on the road to stir up votes and reassure voters that he's getting economy back on track. >> dominating the agenda in washington a very long time. they are not always happy with me. they talk about me like a dog. that's not in my prepared remarks. it is just -- but it is true.
9:38 am
that's why -- that's why we passed financial reform. to provide new accountability and tough oversight of wall street. stopping credit card companies from gouging you with hidden fees and unfair rate hikes. and ending taxpayer bailouts of wall street once and for all, they are not happy with it. it was the right thing to do. >> we have seen this movie once before. the troubled economy could cost a lot of incumbents their jobs in the november mid terms and it could cost the democrats the control of the house and the senate and lets turn to someone with an impressive track record of predicting such trends. director of the university of virginia politics and joins from us charlottesville. good to see you this morning. let's talk about what you got in your crystal ball. you are talking about essentially a gop takeover of the congress or very, very close to it.
9:39 am
in the senate eight to nine gop seats is what larry is predicting in his crystal ball. pickup of 47 seats in the house for republicans, governor's races could swing eight of those seats to the gop side. all in all, pretty impressive election result there if all of that pans out. how did you come to these conclusions. you know, we are hearing that a lot these days. you know, forecasts are coming out. how do you get to those conclusions? >> jim, of course, we studied every race just about every day. this is our job. and we look for lots of different indicators. generic ballot, democrat versus republican. presidential popularity, state of the economy, and the strength of individual candidates, there are so many factors that go into each thing. look, jim, you have been around a long time. you covered a lot of election years. and there are certain years where there is a way the average
9:40 am
since world war ii in midterm elections exclude presidential elections, just in midterm elections, the president's party loses on average 24 seats in the house and it loses on average three to four senate seats. my sense of this is that at a minimum, do i mean minimum, you can double those numbers for november. it is going to be about double the normal and anything my numbers are overly cautious in at least two of the three categories. there's considerable upside potential for the republicans if the current trends continue and they show every sign of continuing. >> and the reason behind that is the economy in your mind? >> fundamentally the economy. there are other factors. you always look in midterm elections to voter enthusiasm. rarely have we seen a greater gap between the two parties. this is the mirror image of 2006 when the democrats took over congress from the republicans.
9:41 am
the republican enthusiasm is through the roof. they are unhappy, not just about the economy, but with president obama. they think he has been too libral and worried about debt and spending and taxes. they are about twice as likely right now to show up in november as democrats are. people forget the major difference between presidential elections and midterm elections as just simply turnout. presidential election will get you as in 200863% of the adults in the united states voting. this year we will be lucky if we hit 40%, 41%. >> right. what we are seeing the president do this week is essentially throw the kitchen sink at the economy. and i mean, the -- the -- litany of proposals he's unveiling with respect to the economy almost add up to a mini stimulus as ed henry was talking about earlier this morning. can this work? is it too late for to it work for the president politically? >> yes. this can work. for 2012. it is way --
9:42 am
>> not 2010. president obama, i'm sure his political staff, they have to be concerned about the situation 2012. if the economy improves, president obama will have a good chance at a second term. if the economy looks anything like it is today, he can end up being another jimmy carter. we will have to see and i think they are already thinking beyond this cycle. >> republicans like to make that comparison with jimmy carter. the word that the president used yesterday was dog. he says that his critics attack him like a dog. treat him like a dog. what did you make of that? you don't typically hear presidents using that kind of bold, you know, stark language to talk about their adversaries. >> there has been -- it was something. i'm sure he's frustrated and unhappy. frankly, he has a right to be about some of the criticism. it is nonsensical and very offensive. not just to him. but you know, welcome to politics, jim. we live in a crude, rude world.
9:43 am
where almost everybody is treated like a dog. unfortunately. particularly on television. >> right. and that old harry truman phrase, if you want a friend in washington get a dog. the president has already done that. we are going to be checking the crystal ball come november and see how the crystal ball swoshging this time around. we did check the numbers in 2008. you are pretty why close in 2008. almost -- just about nailed the senate. and so if -- if those forecasts hold true for the democrats, bad news for them. we will be checking back with you on that. thanks, larry, appreciate it. good to see you. >> thank you. imagine you are sitting at work and suddenly you remember you left the oven on. if you have a certain ap on your ipad you don't need to rush home and turn off the oven. you can do it just from your desk. sounds like something out of the jetsons. i'm dating myself with that reference but that's what it sounds like. we will explain in just a few moments.
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speaking of politics, let's look at the stories crossing the wire. c tea party backs o'donnell in delaware. conservative christine o'donnell is taking on mike hassel. another case of the tea party challenging the gop. pit worked in nevada. we will find out if it works in delaware a week from today. voters have to endure a slew of negative ads. until then it is getting nasty. the inner faces koons to fill biden's seat. you may remember this explaining last year.
9:46 am
i remember because i was at this town meeting in massachusetts. rachel brown called health care reform, quote, a nazi policy, unquote. that drew this response from barney frank. >> trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table. i have no interest in doing it. >> well, the dining room table decided to throw the kitchen sink at barney frank. rachel brown said that exchange motivated her to run against frank and next week's democratic primary. frank calls brown's candidacy, quote, the price you pay for prespeech. time now for the cnn politics update. paul steinhauser from the best political team on television. these are busy times. >> jim, just less than two months away. i'm right here at the cnn political unit. political desk in washington. we have a bunch of new stories on the political ticker. wane to share with you, rothlenberger is out with a new tricks of how many seats
9:47 am
republicans may grab in the house of representatives. he's predicting anywhere from 37 to 42 seats for republican gains. that's up from 28 to 33. of course, as you know, the magic number, 39 seats. that's what the republicans need to win back the house. you reminded me that the republicans grabbed back 52 seats in 1994. we will keep an eye on what happened there. another thing, all about the economy. number two story i want to share with you. check this out, the national republican senate editorial committ committee. it talks about the economy and uses clips from cable newscasts over the late summer to talk about rising unemployment and the state of the economy. really go after the democrats and national republican senatorial committee not spending on this for an ad on cable tv. they are doing it on the web because the power of the web nowadays, people see the videos all the time on the web. finally, jim, also on the ticker, our brand new poll on the economy. you know, you guys showed the numbers earlier about the republicans have a slight edge over the democrats on the economy.
9:48 am
let's dig deeper. check this out. we asked specifically on crucial voters that could swing either way come november, how they feel about which party would do a better job on the economy. you can see the republicans are holding the case, 51 to 32% vance advantage on the economy. jim? >> paul, that's a massive advantage with the republicans on what's essentially the issue this fall. paul steinhauser. look at that palm. unbelievable. thanks so much. for all the political news, paul has them, rest of our political team has them as well, and bringing them to you all this fall. we will be back in a moment. e a boatload of money on my mortgage, that would be awesome. sure, like that'll happen. don't just think about it -- spend 10 minutes at lendingtree and save up to $258 a month.
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well come back. from an app on your ipod to a stealth toilet. what's that about? there are several ways you can take advantage of the expanded energy tax credit, and josh levs is here with that. i'll lel let you explain that. >> i know you are. i know you have some lines for me. >> that will be on the tale end.
9:52 am
>> there is a $1500 tax credit that you can use to improve your home with green improvements, so the folks at put some together. this is cool. air condition your house via ipad. there is a program you can put on your ipad and control everything electric in your house. it will turn off lights and appliances, air conditioning and heat. the company is called control4. there was a $99 licensing fee. from there on out, free. the stealth toilet. it uses a lot less water and emits less sound, and apparently in the end, uses a fraction of the water of other ones, so apparently saves you a lot on the water bill from a company called niagra conservation. keep going. >> who unclogs the stealth
9:53 am
toilet? that's the question. if you can't see it, can't find it. >> plumbers have to get caught up with the latest technology. >> i'm helping here. >> i don't want to stay on the toilet. this looks like regular shingles on the roof but they collect solar energy. they pull it in throughout the day. they are du pont's photovoltaic shingles, and give your home 40 to 80% of the electric it needs throughout the day. typical installation up to $25,000. in this economy, not everyone going to grab on that. this is interesting. low-water laundering. instead of using a lot of water and detergent, there are nilen beads you can put inside your laundry and it mixes with humidity and it works in a cool
9:54 am
way. finally, recycled deck. they recommend this at there is no wood here. 95% is recycled plastic, and it's a company that uses recycled grocery bags to create it, and it costs just over 6 bucks a square foot. the whole list is on my facebook and twitter pages. you can see the whole list for yourself and you might find some are cheap enough you want to take advantage of them. one more thing before i go because it's so interesting, again, from they're working on the first ever zero energy home in new york city, from garrison architects, and what it will do is it will be designed to pull in enough energy during the day, pump energy into the electric grid and the amount you use, they say, will come out even, zero/zero. we'll see how that comes out.
9:55 am
>> plenty of power to power your stealth toilet. that was mature of me to go back to that joke three minutes later. i apologize. it's been one of those mornings. let's look at what we're working on for the next hour. let's begin with ed henry. please rescue us. >> the president is now proposing $350 billion in new ways to stimulate the economy except the white house doesn't want to call it a second stimulus plan. what are the new details your family needs to know? we'll have them at the top of the hour. also, the president is coming here to where i am, to ohio, to sell some of those economic policies that you heard ed talking about. certainly not the first time he tried to pitch policies here in ohio. we'll look at why this is such an important state for him to make his sales. i'm rob marciano, while you were doing your labor day thing, a tropical storm popped up in the gulf and hit south texas,
9:56 am
plus a fire threat in the west. thank you, gentlemen. check this out, guys. one in three kids say they have been bullied in school. we know this is a problem but now one bullying victim turned pop star is taking a stan. we're talking to him right now. that's something i should be dvr'ing for my daughter. mom, did you borrow my green shirt? ♪ that's not really my style, honey.
9:57 am
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9:59 am
we're still waiting for word from cryingslist whether the shutdown of its at dult services is shut down. the second is not accessible inside the u.s. but can still be accessed outside the country. the move followed criticism from 17 attorneys general. jeffrey toobin spoke on it on last night. >> the way it's set up now, the internet as far as this is concerned is treated much like the phone company. if a john and a hooker set up a transaction through the telephone, nobody thinks verizon
10:00 am
or at&t is liable for the action. the law makes internet service providers and websites like the phone company there. they are just a cut-out, and not legally liable but craigslist decided to take on the responsibility. >> creationlist says it supports the desire to stop trafficking of women and children through the internet or by any other means. midterm elections just eight weeks from today. the stakes are high for your jobs, your taxes, your health care and brand new cnn polls out there suggest the next 56 days could be long ones for president obama and the democrats. republicans are making big gains, apparently winning over the confidence of the american people when it comes to the economy. 56% of the people say the gop will do a better job with the economy, taxes and the deficit.
10:01 am
the president is hoping to reverse the trend. he's unveiling a string of new economic proposals one after another after another, and they add up to get this $350 billion. ed henry joins us live now. ed, it's interesting that the white house did not come out and say, hey, we're offering up a $350 million second stimulus. they're coming out day after day after day, and we have to sort of add it it up and draw our own conclusion. is that it? >> reporter: this is not par the of president's infrastructure project. you're absolutely right. it is almost a sem manticcal debate. the white house knows it's toxic to talk about a lot of federal spending on the campaign trail. tea party activists say washington doesn't get it. the last thing they want to do is roll out what's seen as a second systems will plan all balled up together into $350
10:02 am
million but when you add it up, that's where we are. let's start with the newest information we have. i'm now told by a senior official here that the president tomorrow in cleveland will roll out a $250 billion tax cut aimed at small businesses and will give them 100% writeoff on investments in new plants and equipment, all aimed at trying to spark the economy, and this is on top of the infrastructure spending that the president spoke about yesterday. on sunday, cnn reported about a $100 million tax cut that the president wants to give in terms of research and development for companies. all of this, the backdrop for the campaign trail out there. the prefd was in milwaukee yesterday, really fired up and taking it to the republicans. >> there's no silver bullet. there's no quick fix to these problems. i knew when i was running for office, and i certainly knew by the time i was sworn in.
10:03 am
i knew it would take time to reverse the damage of a decade worth of policies that saw too few people being able to climb into the middle class, too many people falling behind. [ applause ] we all knew this. we all knew that it would take more time than any of us want to dig ourselves out of this hole created by this economic crisis. >> reporter: so you hear the case the president's making out there on the road, but a little reality check, this new economic plan may never see the light of day. the bottom line is he's facing resistant republicans on the hill who don't want to give him a last-minute victory before the election on this plan, and he's facing trouble from fellow democrats, conservative democrats who don't want to spend more federal money and liberal democrats who are
10:04 am
anxious to get home full time to campaign. they may only be in washington a couple of weeks. at the end of this month, they may want to rush back home and campaign. they may not get to this before the election. >> the president's former budget director is straying from the obama reservation today making his thoughts known in an op ed in the "new york times" about the bush tax cuts. i'm curious, could this be a trial balloon or is this just simply his opinion on a pretty key issue right now? >> reporter: i just spoex to white house spokeswoman amy brenhouse, and she says this is one man's opinion. a month ago, he was one of the president's most principal economic advisers. here's what he says, basically breaks with the president is says the tax cuts for the rich should be extended. no unwants to make an already stagnating jobs market worse over the neck year or two which is what would happen. higher taxes would crimp
10:05 am
consumer spending and depressing the inned a kate demand for what firms are cable of producing at full tilt. we need give the full context here. he's saying this in a context of there should be a compromise. whereas the president and democrats say we'll take the tax cut for the rich for a couple more years but the republicans have to agree to end all of the bush tax cuts in a couple of years. that's something the republicans don't want to hear or endorse. this is not all bad for the president, but having one of his recent -- again, construction here -- economic advisers saying he's against where the president is on extending tax cuts for the rich and using an argument that the republicans are using on the campaign trail is not good news for the white house. >> we'll leave it at that because i don't want that truck to back up into your live shot. it sounds dangerously close. very interesting developments there on the economy. the economy is a big topic
10:06 am
in ohio and both parties recognize how important that state is in the midterm elections and beyond. t.j. holmes is in the capital city of ohio, columbus and traveling with the cnn election express. hello. >> reporter: hey there. you just heard in ed's report, the president had a bit of a rally, and they are used to seeing rallies from the president here in the state of ohio, particularly, columbus. after his stimulus package passed, he came here to talk about how it was going to help the state of ohio recover, help with job creation. after that, after he left, the unemployment rate in the state went up almost 2% points over the next two months. the president coming back to ohio, again, tomorrow, going to be in cleveland. are they willing to give the president another chance? take a listen. >> too busy raising money for themselves to worry about what's going on in the rest of the country.
10:07 am
>> there aren't many jobs coming in, and the ones that are here are minimum wage. i don't care what party they are, republican, democrat, independents, it's the person who helps the average man. >> get rid of them both. people run who want to do a job. >> i'm a strong democrat, however, i'm disappointed in many of our democratic candidates that they have not worked harder for the middle class. they've made con sexes for the wealthy americans and we're really hurting here in middle america. >> reporter: so, the president coming back here again tomorrow to cleveland. this will be his tenth trip to ohio since he has become president. why is this such a popular place for the president? it's because over the past 12 presidential elections, this state has voted for the winner, and right now they are sitting at 10.3% uymenlo
10:08 am
i've been talking to a lot of voters here throughout our trip and i just sat down with a couple of guys. you are going to want to hear the conversation i had with them and why one of them at the age of 50 says he has never voted and he never will. she that turned off by the process in washington, d.c. great conversation coming up next hour. >> t.j., i was struck by what the woman at the end of that string of sound bites had to say. she said she is a strong democrat and yet she feels that her fellow democrats in washington, her politicians, are essentially not doing enough for the middle class, and she feels like the middle class has been forgotten. that's got to be terrible to listen to if you're a democratic politician running in ohio. >> reporter: you have a couple of issues here, several races, but we have at least three or four, i believe, that cnn has identified in the state as the hot races, up in the air races because you have two freshman democrats trying to hold onto
10:09 am
their seats and the governor, governor strikland here, in a tough re-election bid. it is important to have democrats in the governorships who can organize during the presidential election. you see the polls as well, jim, that republicans are more motivated than democrats to head to the polls. that's bad, and also, independents, at the polls we have seeing, not necessarily leaning toward the democrats and president as they were maybe the last time around. it is disheartening news for any democrat to hear that your democratic voters are not fired up to go out and vote for you. >> not much time to turn it around. t.j. holmes live in columbus. thanks. all aboard the election express. that means you as well. we're on the road carrying the best political team on television. they're all in columbus, ohio, today, and tomorrow the cnn express rolls into covington, kentucky. on thursday, they report from indianapolis.
10:10 am
a busy week for our political team crossing the midwest in the election express. still ahead, she a darling of the tea party and the movement's best chance for capturing a senate seat. >> you talk about defending the constitution, but yet you want to change the constitution. isn't there a contradiction there? >> not at all. the constitution was made to be amended from time to time to make it more true to the american dream. >> so does the tea party want to change the constitution or defend the constitution? i'll talk to mike lee coming up, and this candidate says george washington, by the way, was the original tea party man. jim, we have ourselves a tropical storm. this developed yesterday afternoon and is swirling around corpus christi and san antonio. plus, the fire threat out west when the newsroom comes back. [ female announcer ] we can't live in a bubble.
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10:14 am
heads up, everybody. tropical storm hermine is making land fall near brownsville. forecasts say the storm will dump up to eight inches of rain on texas and oklahoma. torpe tornadoes are a possibility. let's can check in with rob marciano in the severe weather center. >> who are these photographforeu speak of? >> we say forecasters say, and that's an all-encam passing term. >> and when they are wrong, you reserve to them as masked men and women. yesterday, a tropical storm
10:15 am
popped up in the southwestern gulf of mexico, came onshore outside of brownsville. it will wind down as far as the winds go but it's packing a decent punch here. we have winds that are 40 and over 40 miles an hour at times. there's 23 there between corpus christi and houston. as this thing rolls up towards san antonio, we are looking for this to be a little more active for sure in san antonio and austin. on the eastern flank of this storm, we are looking at the tornado watch in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. a little more spin on the right side of this, and it will move up towards the north and east, and there are flash flood watches. a warning just popped up on the screen here for houston, texas, and corpus christi as well. take it easy as we get it out of the way up towards arkansas and
10:16 am
oklahoma. north central colorado, there is a bad fire burning just west of boulder. red flag warnings are posted just east of i-25 and areas on the east coast, not a lovely day. a decent labor day weekend for folks. it will start to heat up and go back to summer-like weather. summer is not over yet officially. >> officially, but it's starting to feel like it. do you know who the little rock nine students are? you should because they just wanted a better education. they got a better education and also got spit on, and thrown down the stairs in the process. they overcame it. we'll remember one of those students coming up next. at the sushi place around the corner. well, in that case, i better get back to these invoices... which i'll do right after making your favorite pancakes. you know what? i'm going to tidy up your side of the office. i can't hear you because i'm also making you a smoothie. [ male announcer ] marriott hotels & resorts knows it's better for xerox to automate their global invoice process
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10:18 am
checking the big board at this hour, and the dow is down 84 points at this hour, and that is not good news for investors. we'll be keeping an eye on this all morning. as we know, the dow had a big rally last week, so this may be a little bit of a correction in the works at this point. checking top stories now -- president obama is pushing a $350 billion package of tax cuts for businesses. it would allow 100% writeoff for new investments in plants and
10:19 am
equipment and add infrastructure spending. tropical storm hermine is dumping heavy rain in south texas. knocked down power poles and trees and also the probably that tornadoes could hit the area in a few hours. >> jefferson thomas, one of the little rock nine, died of pancreatic cancer. he helped integrate schools in arkansas city. other students still found ways to spit on them along the way. standing up to school bullies but now one victim turned pop star is taking a stand. with are talking to demi lovato about what kids can do to stop school violence.
10:20 am
10:21 am
>> if -- one in three students between the age of 12 and 18 has bun bullied according to the pacer center, taunted, spit on, tripped, pushed or worse. 160,000 students avoid class each day to avoid bullies and 6 in 10 teens say they watch bullying actions. one diz 93 tar is joining the fight against bullying, helping kids stand up for themselves others. >> hey, i'm demi lovato. i need your help. lots of kids are being bullied and feel that no one cares. i support pacer's national
10:22 am
center for teens against teens show that they care about what happens. join me in preventing bullying. sign the end of bullying begins with me and get your school involved in pacer's national end to bullying month in september. >> there she is, joining us live from orlando. dem demi lovato, and demi, let's start with you because it's a personal story and i have to point out i have a 7-year-old daughter at home. she dvr'd the move that you were in just this past weekend and is a big fan. so it's great to talk to you. let's talk about this because it's a serious subject. you said you were bullied in school. tell us about that. >> yes. i had an experience when i was in school that basically was so
10:23 am
painful for me to go through that i decided to home school rather than deal with it every single day, and it was probably the darkest period of my life so far. i just don't want anyone else to have to deal with that. >> and, i mean, just tell us, how did you overcome this. because a lot of the kids out there must be wondering, what do i do, how do i deal with this, this kid that keeps picking on me day after day after day and making my life so difficult i don't even want to go to school. your heart breaks when you think about it. so, i mean what did you do? >> well, my experience was more verbal harassment than anything. a lot of people nowadays are suffering from cyberbullying, which has become more popular nowadays with all of the social networking sites, and just receiving text messages, and,
10:24 am
you know, there was a hate letter that got passed around, and it was basically a petition, and there were things that were said that still affect me to this day and cause problems for me that i suffer with to this day, and i overcame it through music and through the support of my family, but, mainly just putting all of my energy into the things that i love rather than fighting back or giving them the time of day, and for me, that was, you know -- it was so hard to overcome and so hard to turn the other cheek, but my mom was there for me and with me the whole way and saying, just don't stoop down to their level, you can overcome it, and now, you know, i'm just trying to help others do the same. i speak to tons of teens at concerts, and any time i get to meet them and they always ask me what should i do, and i always say just put all of your energy into what you love and use them as motivation for it.
10:25 am
>> michael, you have a whole center dedicated to taking on this problem. how big of a problem is is it? we keep hearing reports from schools all over the country where it is cropping up. is it spreading, becoming worse, is it that we're hearing more, so we're folk cused ton? >> cyberbullying is bringing it back in a way that people never looked at it before, and bully sites that have occurred have braun the nation's attention to it, and i think schools are struggling with it in many ways. some believe that around 10 to 15% of students experience bullying on a regular basis. it's pretty widespread. >> what are some of the solutions that you're seeing particular you look at the frob a bird's eye view? are there practical solutions.
10:26 am
demi mentioned her mom being by her side. parental support is ahas to be there. and kids have to be involved. walk us through some of these solutions. >> absolutely, the solutions have to be widespread because it's a very big and complex issue but there's a lot of belief that if teachers, educators, parents, students work together, there's a lot of good work that can be done, everything from laws that can be passed and all kinds of behavioral and cultural changes that can happen in school. in demi's case is her mom is so important. students need to realize they need to talk about it to their parents, to their teachers, get their teachers and parents talking together because bullying tends to occur in the shadows, in the hallways and staircases is in the bathrooms, and in cyberspace. we need to turn on the flight a big way and make it hard to occur. >> you want teens to take an
10:27 am
anti-bullying pledge. tell us about that, and what good do you hope will come out of that? >> the pledge is basically something that we all just want to raise awareness with the month of october, which is pacer's national month for bullying prevention. it is basically saying you are not going to enable bullying in your sool and help prevent it. for me -- i have a little sister that goes to a public school. she was home schooled and when she decided to go to public school, the first thing i thought of was i was fearful of what she would have to deal with if she ever went through the same thing that i did. so all that i hope is that when you take the pledge that people -- it will only help people to stop bullying. >> this a way to get people to think about it. >> right. >> such an important message.
10:28 am
demi and michael keller from the pacer center that is dedicated to combat teen bullying, and demi lovato with an important message for parents and students out there. we appreciate your time for coming on this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you, jim. a pastor of a church in florida plans to burn the koran. he says it's to fight radical islam, not muslim, but it's getting an angry reaction around the world. cade? cade? try... each serving provides twenty-six vitamins and minerals. plus it has fifteen grams of protein to help maintain muscle. compare it to the leading competitor. boost high protein also has calcilock blend, with calcium and vitamin d to help maintain strong bones. get complete, balanced nutrition so you can stay active. try boost high protein. also available in powder. this has been medifacts for boost.
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ooh! here we go. what? whaaat? [kids giggling] announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent, because kids in foster care don't need perfection. they need you.
10:31 am
a planned church protest has turned into a huge worry for the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan. to commemorate the 9/11 attack, a church in gainesville florida, plans to burn copies of the koran, and petraeus says that could endanger troops in afghanistan. it is precisely the kind of action the taliban uses is could cause significant problems not just here but everywhere in the world where we are engaged with the islamic community. hundreds protested in kabul
10:32 am
calling it an insult to muslims around the world especially at the end of the holy month of ramadan. we talked about it earlier this morning calling it a warning to radical islam. >> we first declared september the 11th international burn a car raun day actually for two reasons. number one, we wanted to president obama those who were brutally murdered on september 11th, and we wanted to send a message to the radical wing of islam to say we are not interested in their sharia law. we do not tolerate their threats, their fear, their radicalness. we live in the united of america, we want to saend clear message to the peaceful muslims
10:33 am
that we have freedom of speech, freedom of religion. they are more than welcome to be hearing, and more welcome to build mosques and worship, but our 9/11 demonstration, protest,to send a clear message to the radical element of islam that we will not tolerate that in america. >> does it bother you that the military, and the military leaders believe that by doing this, you are very likely putting the lives of u.s. soldiers at risk in muslim countries? david petraeus, the general, this what he said, their actions will, in fact, jeopardize the safe of young men and women serving in uniform over here and undermine the very mission they are trying to accomplice. are you willing to have the blood of young men and women on your hands? >> we are actually very, very concerned, of course. we are taking the general's words very serious. we are continuing to pray about
10:34 am
the action on september the 11th. we are, indeed, very concerned about it. it's just that we don't know -- how lon do we back down? >> so you are saying you might well not go through with this? you are saying you are praying about it. you may not burn the koran on september 11th? >> i'm saying we are definitely praying about it. we have firmly made up our mind but at the same time we are definitely praying about it. >> don't you think you could do more good by not burning the koran on september 11th? by saying, you know, what, we're going to take the higher road and not do this? >> at this time, no. i believe we are dealing with an element that you cannot talk to. we're dealing with an element that must be shown a certain amount of force, a certain amount determination, and putting a stop to it. >> some tough questions there.
10:35 am
we are hearing from you about the planned event. josh levs is monitoring your responses. i was thinking when i was looking at the protest going on in kabul, if they all realize that the pastor at the center of this protest is not exactly billy graham. this is not the most esteemed man of the cloth that the united states has to offer. i wonder what some of the responses are from our viewers out there. >> a lot of viewers saying, hey, world, this man doesn't represent any large number of people anywhere. the widespread condemnation of this whole idea, the viewers in america, those who interact with me online and around the world is part of the story, a central part of the story. i have been writing about it on facebook and twitter. everybody who has written in is deeply opposed, no exceptions. don't we already know that book burning is a sign of much greater trouble. this florida church needs to wake up. next, this is not very
10:36 am
christianlike. is this supposed to show they are better than muslims? is this something jesus would do? >> you can't accuse one religion of violence by inciting violence. facebook, jeannette brantley, freedom of speech even extends to this ridiculous action by hate-filled christian zealots. there will be those in other countries with equally small minds that hold all christians accountable for this. this is from patty schaefer roberts. adding fuel to a fire already out of control. we should move forward, not backward. let's move to twitter. martin a. says koran burning is disgusting and will not help anyone in the united states. no one is served by this. finally, burnening any holy book, calling it a message, is not only wrong. it's delusional. if you want to join the
10:37 am
conversation, i'm at facebook and twitter, and hearing your views, go ahead and join the conversation. jim, that's what people are saying, and the kind of anger and frustration we are getting. >> almost a universal condemnation. it was a universal condemnation from our viewers. we appreciate you showing us, josh, to show there are other sides to this issue, obviously. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 what if every atm was free? tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no more $2, $3 fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no more paying to access your own money. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 it'd be like every atm in the world was your atm. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 the schwab bank high yield investor checking(tm) account. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 zero atm fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 a great interest rate. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no minimums. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 the biggest thing in checking since checks. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 open an account at 1-800-4schwab or ♪ [ female announcer ] good friends never run out of things to talk about... and during endless shrimp at red lobster, you can keep the conversation going
10:38 am
over endless servings of your favorite shrimp. from classics like garlic shrimp scampi and decadent shrimp pasta... to new creations, like crunchy parmesan shrimp. our best value of the year, endless reasons to get together. during endless shrimp, right now at red lobster. breaking news for you. we have a tornado siting just outside of houston in text text. let's go to rob marciano. this a tornado warning. >> just a warning. not sighted or reported on the ground just yet, but, nonetheless, it's within this watch box that we told you about, west of the houston about 50 miles now. this particular cell that is basically moving towards the northwest with the circulation
10:39 am
of the storm at about 35 miles an hour. if you are in there, take cover, moving away from the i-10 corridor as we speak. the tornado watch itself obviously encam passes real estate from corpus christi back to houston, around tornado watch until 1:00 this afternoon as hermine continues to spin towards san antonio. the latest advisory just coming in. important information. president obama set to announce another piece of his new economic plan tomorrow, tax cuts for businesses. the $3 have the billion price tag, a big stumbling block. fell lee sha taylor is on the floor of wall street to get their take. >> so far, wall street really isn't trading on this proposed plan from the obama administration. today is geared to looking at
10:40 am
the greek default. let's jump ahead in time for a second. let's assume that this proposed plan becomes law. how would wall street interpret that? >> i got to tell you, i think wall street would look at it as a negative because it would say we're in more trouble than thought, prior stimulus plans haven't taken effect, jobs are not created, the economy is in a tail spin, housing is in a tail spin and this another effort to get it going, and i think the initial perception would be negative. >> again, this still a proposed plan, not enacted into law. let's see what wall street thinks has happened up until now. this a critical moment with the midterm elections coming up in november. is there anything that wall street can see in the numbers coming up that may turn around the perception that there is an economic recover ji. >> no. they have to see the numbers be much more positive than they have been. last month, last couple of weeks, the make crow -- macro
10:41 am
reports were negative. everybody celebrated friday's report but we still lost jobs. after everything that the administration has put in place over the last two years, if it's not happening by now, there's not a whole lot this election season that can save them. i think it's a tough fight for the democrats to hold their place. >> once again, what wall street is seeing is not nessarily anythi posiveit portending for the midterm elections, and we can see that today on today's action, which is to the downside. moving on to harnessing the voting anger. the tea party charges toward the midterm election just eight weeks from today and one candidate may be a virtual sure thing for a senate seat out of that movement. i will introduce to you mike lee after the break. my choice is clear. claritin-d. nothing works stronger, faster or longer for allergy congestion relief without drowsiness.
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time now for the cnn equals politics updates. we're counting down to the midterm elections eight weeks from today. the tea party has backed a number of candidates for senate, nearly all in tight races, and that's not the case in utah and i know because i went out there and talked to republican mike lee, who is almost a tea party sure thing. >> george washington was the original tea party man. >> vowing to bring a tea party revolution to washington, the republican running for the u.s. senate in utah, mike lee is a fire breathing defender of what has become the bible to the political movement, the u.s. constitution. >> i will not vote for a single bill that i can't justify based on the text of the original
10:45 am
constitution. >> but at the same time, lee, who once clerked for supreme court justice sam alito also talking about changes it, altering the 14th amendment take way automatic citizenship for those born in the u.s. you talk about defending the constitution and changing it. isn't that a conflict? >> no. we have to amend the contusion to make it more true to the american dream. >> he also questioned the 17th amendment that allowed people to vote for the senators. >> people would be better off if the senators when they deliver their messages to washington remember the sovereignty of the states. >> lee also favors privatizing social security. >> it's unpopular to be the bad guy torque come along is say, we have to roll that back and phase it out. >> roll it back and phase it
10:46 am
out? >> phasing it out, rolling it back. >> phasing out social security? >> take a guy like me whose not extreme at they see is what they get. >> sam granato is the long-shot democrat in the race trying to exploit hard feelings among utah republicans who are mad about the tea party for backing lee over bob bennett for the gop nomination. >> since the ouster of senator bennett, i've had more moderate republicans calling, coming to help us. >> like senator bennett's son. when we tried to get bob bennett to speak to the tea party, they said, he is not welcome here. >> other republicans are looking forward, not back. >> this would be harry reid and dear old pelosi. >> you are that angry? >> ticked off would be a better term. >> just like the tea party, mike lee wants to pull the republican
10:47 am
party as far to the right as he can. >> you're looking for one tea party to get in there, it's mike lee? >> he's a lock. >> this is the year we take that power back. it belongs to us. let's bring about the change. >> the question is whether lee's tea party principles will work in washington. i should point out that during our interview, lee did back away from the talk of phasing out social security, although his campaign website says he supports a systemic overhaul of it. the tea party is a major force shaping this midterm election year. we're seeing it up there in delaware where christine o'donnell is coming out of nowhere to challenge mike castle, an establishment republican congressman running for joe biden's old senate seat. could the tea party strike again
10:48 am
there? >> they might. the tea party express, who helped out mike sblee joe millner alaska with financial support is helping out christine o'donnell. one of our top stories on the cnn political ticker. we are waiting for a news conference about 13 minutes from now where we expect the tea party express to announce more support for o'donnell going occupy against mike castle. he's popular in the state but not popular with those on the right, conservatives. that's one of the things on the ticker, but also the senate rate in florida, wild three-way contest, and two of the candidates, kendrick meek and charlie crist, now running as an independent candidate, they both have new ads. labor day is over, summer is over, and they're back to work and watching tv. expect campaign commercials on air to be ramped up. talking about kendrick meek,
10:49 am
he's going to new york city and teaming up with former senator bill clinton to help raise campaign cash. this is the ninth time that clinton has helped out kendrick meek since he decided to run for that senate nomination. they have known each other for a long time and meek endorsed hillary clinton when she was running for the white house. >> great that you mentioned kendrick meek, mark rubio race because i can work in a plug that tomorrow i will be profiling that race. you mention that clinton and meek know each other well. when i was down there in florida talking to kendrick meek, his campaign staff mentioned a great story about how back in the earl '90s, when then governor clinton was talking about president, he was going to meet with the florida democrats, and kend dick meek was the state trooper who escorted him to meet with the florida democrats to get him on the way to run for president.
10:50 am
politics is rich with those kind of stories. we are following this developments. it will be an amazing midterm election. paul is on the scene. for the latest political news, go to gecko: gd news sir, i jugot ae anople really love our claimservice. gecko:speciallthe auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed for as long as you is thisyyourcphone?ey, th! gecko: yeah, 'course.
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♪ i will survive a fitting toned today's
10:58 am
show, that song there, and not just about this next story. surviving divorce is never easy, but in japan, they have taken it to a whole new level. the country's increasing divorce rate has sparked a new trend. they're calling them divorce ceremonies, a way for couples to say sayonara to an unhappy marriage. kyung lah has the story. >> a diamond and platinum wedding ring symbol lidsing eight years of a their marriage -- gone in a ritual known as diverse ceremony. it mashes the end of this phase of our lives. the beginning was in 2002. they had a child, built a life together but eventually grew apart. >> a part of me is expecting i'll feel much better after this. i've had enough sadness.
10:59 am
the divorce ceremony begins with a silent and solemn procession through the streets of tokyo, two rick saws, carrying man and woman. inside this purposely shabby building, a symbolic ceremony before witnesses to break apart. the diamond and platinum rings takes several hard hits before it is finally cracked. walking to the reception, the former bride is all smiles. i feel relieved. i feel free. the feeling is mutual. i feel better than before we did this, he says, it's over. so much of the ceremony is filled with symbolism. the couple sit back to back at separate tables signifying they are separate lives, and the party favors are chop sticks because they're two sticks that you pull apart.
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